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About Digitales - digital media solutions
Get the best from a digital world with digitales!

Digitales was founded by Tom Clark in 1999 to assist people and business operators maximise the benefits of digital media.

Located in Leith East, Tralee, County Kerry the company serves clients in both Ireland and Canada.


What We Do picture

We help people and business reach their goals in todays digital world.

Need help with a restoring old photos, or converting video recordings to digital formats?  We can help.


Want to establish a web presence or fix your old web site or Facebook page?   

We can help.


Whether you want to protect original media using a digital format, create an animation, start a blog or web site we have the expertise to help make it happen.


Digitale's Mission

Our mission is simple:

"Identify and provide digital solutions at minimal expense"


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Telephone from Ireland: 001 506 396 2591

Telephone from North America: 506 396 2591