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Quick Response Codes
Liven up your advertising - get scanned and get your message out there!

Why Quick Response Codes? picture

QR or Quick Response codes act like a gateway allowing a "smart" phone user to easily step between the physical and digital worlds.

A quick scan of a QR code will instantly connect a prospect to your business information, special offers, exclusive content, price quotes or other promotional material.

Devote a tiny square of your packaging or advertising space to a QR code and you can open up a whole new level of interaction with current and potential customers.

QR Codes go beyond the realm of traditional advertising

Using links to audio and video elements adds a sense of fun that turns advertising from a passive experience to an interactive game.

  • Free code-reader applications can be downloaded to any smart phone. Over 82 percent of phones on the market today have camera abilities and can read QR codes.

  • Interact with people in a way that's going to be interesting and fun!

  • Present easy-to-understand information about your product or service using web pages, multi-media presentations, images and/or video downloads.

  • You can update or change what the visitor experiences on the back end of the QR Code any time.

  • Send videos, slide shows or sweepstakes entries back to users, or send "tips" relevant to your products.

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