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Social Media Marketing
Maximise your internet presence!

Social media marketing can help you in these marketing areas:picture

  • Website traffic (external and internal tracking)

  • Conversion and sales tracking

  • Page views, ad exposure

  • Growing your brand awareness

  • Create & maintain a positive brand association

  • Business development and a broader customer reach

Example: Twitter for Business

Twitter is a free online tool that enables you to spread your content to the Internet and to interact with other users (of your choice). As a social medium, it is a platform to convey the messages you want to communipicturecate to your audience.

Three major uses:

  • Create awareness in prospects who do not know about you

  • Retain the attention of users / viewers

  • Enhance your presence and influence on the Internet

Each piece of information – or Tweet – you share is added to the mainstream of Tweets and will appear on the screen of your followers.

Each Tweet is restricted to 280 characters so information must be concise and to the point.

Other Social media we can make productive for you

  • Facebook
  • picture
  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube
  • Google Maps

  • Blog sites

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